Curve Quizzes (Item Type)

What are quizzes in Curve?

Quizzes (Item Types) are one of the internal lesson items available for you to add to your Curve Lessons via built in tools.  

A Quiz Item type is for graded activities that involve students responding to a series of items (such as questions or related response items) that the teacher wishes to calculate as one grade in the gradebook.  

Quiz Item Types are most often used for assessments in Curve Courses that are similar to quizzes, tests, or exams in traditional classrooms.  Quizzes are also sometimes used to fully digitize what equates to “worksheets” in traditional classrooms, where each prompt and answer space that would normally be found on a worksheet are set up as items and digital answer blanks/options for students.

(For comparisons and contrasts between Assignments and other lesson item types, refer to Chapter 3, Section 3: Adding Lesson Items and Lesson Item Types.)

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