How Can I Edit an Existing Order?

First, you'll need to access the Orders page, which you can do by clicking "Orders" in the navigation bar or in the collapsible menu in the top-left of the screen, under "Home."




Once on the Orders page, you'll need to click the title of the Order you'd like to edit. These can be found under the "Name" column.




Once you've selected an Order, ClassGather will open a small window with that Order's information. Editing any field in this window will change the corresponding information in ClassGather for the selected Order.




Please note that any greyed out fields are not able to be edited from this screen. They are often fields set in other systems, such as price and purchase order, or they are fields that can be set only during the creation of the Order, such as how the Order assigns licenses.

Additionally, you can delete the order from here, which will prompt ClassGather to confirm the deletion.

Any changes you wish to not save can be undone by clicking "Cancel" in the bottom-left of the window, the "X" in the top-right, or by simply navigating away from the window by clicking the ClassGather visible behind it or by closing the tab entirely.

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