Add Assignees to a License

Transcript: Today we're going over how to add assignees to an individual license. So if you start on your Dashboard, you'll need to either access the Licenses page here along the top navigation menu or you can do the drop-down menu over here underneath Home and click Licenses.

Then from there, we'll need to filter for an individual License, so we can search "Math." You can also filter by Application, so today we'll do Savvas. From there, you can just select the License that you want, so we'll just do Algebra 2, and you'll see the information here. On the bottom section, you'll see this "Add Assignee" button. If you don't see this button, that means that there's a permission issue, so either your systems administrator will need to do this for you or you'll need to get in contact with whoever manages your permissions to get you the correct permissions.

If you do have the button, though, we'll click that. From here, we'll filter who is getting assigned the content. You can either do that by Course Code, by organization, or by an individual user. Let's just say we'll add John Smith and we'll click "Filter" or we'll hit Enter. You can also filter by schools if you just want to do the John Smiths that are in Glencliff Middle School, you can do that. Whatever user you should have should appear at the bottom of the window here.

Once you have that, you can click "Add Assignee" and it'll add a row for them here on the bottom. There's not a John Smith in here, but you can see that other ones that have been added, you can click to view the users assigned in that row, or if you want to click to view all the assignees, you can click the "View Assignees" button or you can go back to the top and click the "Total Assignees" at the top. You'll be able to see everyone that has been assigned the content and filter or search as normal.

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