How to Verify a User's Assigned Licenses with Their User ID

Transcript: Today we’re going over how to check what licenses an individual user has assigned to them. The first thing that we’ll need is the user’s SourcedID. There are a couple of ways you can get that. Usually it looks like “student_###” or something like that. If you have access to the Roster page, that is usually the easiest way to get it.

We will look for Napoleon Bonaparte today, so we’re going to search. There are different filters you can choose, just use the easiest way to find the person. Once you find them, you are looking for this right here, so in our example “USRteacher2276.” If you don’t have access to the roster page, you can also check in ClassGather by going underneath Settings for “Users.”

We can check here as well, so we’ll search for “Bonaparte.” And we just have the info right there, so we’ll copy the SourcedID and we’ll go back to the Licenses page under “Home.” Once you’re here, we’ll go to this little dropdown box right here and we’ll select user and then we’ll paste our SourcedID and hit “Search” and it’ll take us to Napoleon’s page.

We can see what licenses Napoleon has added. If Napoleon is in any classes that don’t have licenses associated with them, they’ll show up here, and we’ll also be able to see how many times Napoleon has launched ClassGather as well as other info.

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