What is the ClassGather Sampling Portal?

As the state depository for Tennessee, Tennessee Book Company (TBC) is required by law to provide a service to review both physical and digital textbook samples being considered for state adoption in Tennessee. ClassGather is the software TBC provides to the public and to publishing partners to be used for accessing and reviewing digital titles.

ClassGather integrates with partners using standard protocols — LTI 1.1, SAML 2.0, and OneRoster 1.1 — leveraging integrations we already have with partner applications to service our shared customers.

To integrate the ClassGather Samples Portal with partners, a one-time roster exchange will be made with partner applications to provision 10,000 preset users enrolled in a single class. Publishing partners will assign sample products to the preset user accounts in the partner’s application(s).

When an end-user registers on the ClassGather Samples site, they’ll be assigned to a preset user for 24 hours, and have an opportunity to launch into partner applications over standard SSO integrations with the shared preset user’s identifier. If end users wish to gain access for another 24 hours, they can simply register again on the ClassGather Samples site.

ClassGather will pass the end user’s name, email address, and school district information to partner applications. Each quarter, ClassGather will report to publishing partners the number of launches into their applications from the Samples site, and from what school districts the end users registered.

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