Curve Discussions

What are discussions in Curve?

Discussions are one of the internal lesson items available for you to add to your Curve Lessons via built in tools.  

A Discussion Item type is may be either a graded or non-graded activity in a Course.  Discussions involve students responding to an initial post/prompt (usually set up by the teacher or course designer) with their own thoughts that are made visible to other students enrolled in the course.  Options exist for allowing or disallowing students to respond to other students’ posts, when students are allowed to see the posts of others (before or after they post an idea of their own), and whether or not “likes” are activated for posts.

Discussion Item Types are most often used to facilitate idea sharing between students within the digital environment.  It can serve as a way to have an exchange of ideas even if students are working at individualized paces. It can be implemented in a way to spur students respond, share, and get feedback from their peers as they grow their skills in higher order thinking and supporting claims with evidence.

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